As a business owner, you’re short on time and pulled in many directions. To help, we’ve created videos for you to learn about the latest payment technologies, hear from other business owners, and gain insight to help you spend less time dealing with payments and business processes, and more time doing what you love.

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Accepting online payments:

How online payments can help your business grow

Our video,® for Merchant Services, shows the many ways a small business can accept payments online or through a virtual terminal to help achieve its goals. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Watch the video for Merchant Services 

Amy’s Gourmet Apples

A brick and mortar business develops an online presence, reaching new consumers across the U.S.

Watch the video Amy's Gourmet Apples 

The Tasteful Garden

An organic plant business moves from time-consuming phone orders to faster, safer, and more secure online ordering.

Watch the video The Tasteful Garden 

Ragnar Relay

A business promoting popular sports events enjoys convenient and secure payment processing online.

Watch the video Ragnar Relay 

Create and send invoices

Understand how to bill and collect payments from customers using the invoicing feature from

Watch the video Create and send invoices 

Point-of-sale options:

A point-of-sale option in the palm of your hand

Learn how a handheld, portable device lets you accept payments from your customers practically anywhere - at the table, at the counter, for line busting, or on the go, in this video, Meet Clover®1 Flex.

Watch the video Meet Clover Flex 

Some best practices:

Chargebacks: Why they happen and how to avoid them

Chargebacks are often a cost of doing business, but there are ways to help minimize them.

Watch the video Chargebacks: Why they happen and how to avoid them 

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