Amy’s Gourmet Apples: Authorize.Net Customer Success Story

A brick and mortar business develops an online presence, reaching new consumers across the U.S.

Transcript: Amy’s Gourmet Apples: Authorize.Net Customer Success Story

PAULA HEUPEL: It’s an experience to see how our apples are made. When people come into our brick and mortar retail store, they get an experience. They have the smells of the chocolate, the smells of the caramel cooking. They see all the wonderful candies and the beauty of the chocolate. It really is an artisan product. It’s beautiful. It’s a piece of art.

JOHN LILIGREN: My name is John Liligren. I’m co-founder and president and CEO of Amy’s Gourmet Apples. My passion started with my aunt’s store that I used to work at when I was 12 years old. And then I always would help her when she would dip and make her caramel apples.

PAULA: Our products are sold through our retail store here in downtown historic Cedarburg. And then in 2002, we opened up Amy’s Gourmet Apples dot-com, which is our online presence.

JOHN: The first time we received our first online order was amazing. It actually happened the first day we launched our website. So we were actually blown away. has been a partner from day one with us. Whenever we called into their customer service center, we’ve always gotten an immediate response. And they have a great fraud prevention suite that we’ve utilized for our website. We’ve been able to reach so many more people around the United States that literally love gourmet caramel apples.

PAULA: There’s no way that we could reach the amount of consumers and customers that we do, and there’s no way that we could do that without, because it makes that payment so easy for our customer.

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