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I'm Lea, and I'm a coffee person. So much so, in fact, that I've dedicated my life to coffee. It's the best decision I've ever made but it's also been a lot of hard work.


As we've expanded, I realized that I need systems that will grow with us. Through Wells Fargo Merchant Services I get exactly that with Authorize.Net.

From when I first started out selling small batch coffee beans online, to later when I started offering recurring monthly shipments of my most popular roasts, to now in my very own coffee shop, has been there every step of the way helping me better serve both my business and my customers.

Setting up an account is pretty simple. Even better, integrates really well with my company's website and mobile app so my customers can buy my coffee any way they want, any time they want, whether that's online or through my coffee shop's mobile app. Now, most of the things that are important to my business run through the same place; and that's a lot from membership services to invoicing to reporting to simplifying payments. And speaking of payments, these days we need to be able to accept everything whether that's debit cards or credit cards...

[speaking to customer] You're all set.

...or payments on your app using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

[speaking to customer] Thanks. See you next time.

You get the idea. has us covered whether that's here in the shop or out and about: markets, popups, festivals...


...or on our website or mobile app. Customers who already use PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay can pay instantly too. No need to enter their card information. And our system will remember them next time they check out. Oh, and we still offer monthly deliveries of our house roasted coffee beans. That's because with setting up recurring payments is super convenient.

Everything is linked through the dashboard so I can access information about my company and how we're doing anywhere I get internet connection on any device that I want: tablets, mobile, my laptop. [speaking to her coworker] Interesting. I knew we had an uptick in subscriptions this month but I had no idea how much our new Sumatra roast was driving it. It's 52 percent of all subscription sales. These kinds of insights are invaluable to our success.

Today's transactions just got settled and we'll have the funds in our Wells Fargo checking account as soon as the next business day. It's a great feeling. And that steady stream of revenue helps ensure that we're able to provide amazing coffee to our customers day after day.

We can also generate and send invoices which comes in handy now that our wholesale operation has really taken off.

I still can't believe it. My coffee in supermarkets. And, of course, helps ensure all of these transactions are secure. It also helps reduce our fraud risk and assists in taking care of many of the PCI compliance tasks. And because they're owned by Visa, I have the peace of mind that's important not just for my business but for my customers too.

[speaking to customer] Good to see you Taylor. Enjoy.

[speaking to customer] Latte.

[Music] helps me get the most out of accepting, generating and processing payments which allows me and my customers to focus on the simple things like a good cup of coffee.


Or call 1-866-202-5476, Monday – Friday, from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm, and Saturday, from 6:00 am – 3:00 pm, Pacific Time.