Authorize.Net: Intro to invoicing

Online and brick and mortar businesses can easily bill their customers electronically.

Transcript: Authorize.Net: Intro to invoicing

Invoicing with gives businesses a simple, fast, and free option to bill their customers simply using an email address, and to accept digital payments online even from mobile devices.

Invoicing is a native feature on the platform and works out of the box with no additional customization required. Let’s dive in and see how quickly you can create, send, and track an invoice.

As with other tools, you can access invoicing from the online interface by logging in at After logging in, select Invoicing from the menu on the left to get started. This takes you to the Invoicing homepage that gives you a summary view of the status of all your invoices. You can see the invoices that have been sent but are unpaid, invoices that are paid, and invoices you have cancelled.

It will only take you a few minutes to fill out this simple form and then send the invoice.

First, start with the basics: the name, email, and due date. There’s also an invoice number field that helps you track your invoices. Next, add the product information the customer is buying, the item ID, item name, quantity, and price. You can include a custom discount with each invoice, and once you enter the tax rate, you’re done. You can send the invoice or save it as a draft if you’re not quite ready to send.

This invoice is ready, so let’s send it.

You can see that your invoice has been sent successfully. The status of your invoice is “Sent” because you’re still waiting for the customer to pay it. If you need to send your customer an invoice reminder, you can resend it from here.

And that’s it. Your customer has already received the email with the invoice. Now you just need them to pay it. No additional setup or configuration is needed.

Let’s take a look at what the invoice looks like from the customer’s perspective. The customer receives a simple email with a link to pay the invoice. Once they click on the link, they’re taken to a payment form that works from any device. Once the customer pays, they get a digital receipt confirming their payment, and you can track the payment immediately in your portal. Now you see the invoice listed as “Paid.” Congratulations, you’ve sent your first invoice and received payment.

Let’s also take a look at how you can track this payment like any other payment through

You see the invoice payment as your latest payment side by side with any other payments. In just a couple of minutes, we walked you through not only how to create an email invoice, but how to make it simple for your customers to pay securely. And once that payment has been made, now you can track it together with other payments. Now you’re ready to get started sending invoices on your own and, most importantly, getting paid.

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