Meet Clover® Flex

With Clover Flex, you can accept credit and debit cards, and mobile payments from your customers almost anywhere you do business: at the table, on the retail floor, or on the go. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of accepting payments with Clover Flex.

Transcript: Meet Clover Flex

Meet Clover Flex.


With Clover Flex, now you can take checkout from the counter directly to your customers, take checkout to the table for customers to pay, get a signature when you take it on the floor.

Print a receipt at your chair, or go to the door of your customer to complete a transaction.

With a simple swipe, dip, tap, and sign, Clover Flex means you can take checkout almost anywhere you do business, allowing your business to be creative, be efficient, and be free.

Clover Flex offers flexibility and simplicity in a single, full-feature point of sale.

Clover Flex.

It’s everything and everywhere you need it to be.


Or learn more about Wells Fargo Merchant Services, and all-in-one payment acceptance and business management with Clover.