How One Drake Salon uses Clover®

See how easy it was for One Drake Salon to switch over to the Clover system!

Transcript: How One Drake Salon uses Clover


We’re a large small business, but we’ve got really successful, really busy stylists here. We just computerized with our POS system, and it was Clover.


My name is Jeannie Drazick, and we are at One Drake Place Salon and Spa, and I am the front desk manager. We’d had a few people ask if we had a chip reader.

We started getting numerous phone calls that everybody had to have them.

I had noticed everywhere I was going, it had been brought into the majority of the retailers that I was shopping at.

And so I reached out and we got it.

It was very affordable and they look sleek, they look nice — people love them.

A lot of people come in and say, “Oh, my God, these are so nice! Are they new?”

And we say, “No, we’ve had them over a year.” It’s really sped things up.

When people used to check out, there were four or five different steps that we had to go through, but it’s gotten much faster.

It’s been very user-friendly for us.

We do our inventory on it, which has been excellent because we have inventory and back stock, and then we’ve got inventory that I can see.

So it’s nice to be able to look up and see something.

The products that we sell the most of, obviously, I can pay attention to the quantity that is coming in and going out.

So it helps me, since I do all the ordering, to see what’s going on.

And it’s also nice sometimes if I have to go home; they can call me and ask me anything, and I can look it up right there from my phone.

How user-friendly it was, I knew that I could operate it and help build it and also train our staff who wasn’t used to being computerized as well.

I’d like to see us completely computerized, and I think that Clover will get us there.


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