Clover® — The payment solution for your store

Are you looking for a point of sale system you can tailor to meet your needs? Find out how Clover can help you accept multiple payment types and support your unique needs from checking out customers with speed to taking online or phone orders. Clover gives you access to tools to track sales, inventory, and more.

Transcript: Clover — The payment solution for your store


Hi. I’m Paul.

And it’s always been my dream to own my own flower shop.

Selling flowers may sound simple, but there’s a lot that goes into it.

Lucky for me, through Wells Fargo I have the help of Clover.

Clover isn’t just a powerful platform giving me an efficient way to accept payment.

It’s also a valuable partner, giving me all the tools I need to manage my business.

From when I first started out at my booth in the local market, to my original brick and mortar shop, to now in my expanded location, Clover has given me every opportunity to flourish whether I choose one component or many.

Setup is pretty easy, with everything arriving ready to go right out of the box.

So I don’t miss a beat.

And if I need help, the dedicated Clover team always has my back.

I can set up permissions for myself and my staff, so we can get to selling.

And accepting payments has never been easier.

We can use the full Clover Station or jump to the Clover Mini or Clover Flex with ease.


Clover also allows me to stay connected with my customers.

With every transaction, I can build my customer database, send receipts electronically or by text, and manage my customer loyalty program.

And, boy, can it get busy around here.

With Clover I have the flexibility to handle anything.

And line busting has never been easier.

And since the Clover is always on, I can continue to ring up transactions no matter what happens.

And Clover is there for me even when I’m selling outside of the shop or making deliveries on the road, which saves me both time and money.


I can even take orders over the phone, so that business can continue whether I’m in the front of the store or in the back.

Get those tulips to Mrs. Cravats STAT.


And I can process online payments with no trouble at all.

And managing my inventory has never been more simple.

I can even easily create new barcodes and add new items to my inventory such as this.

New Carnation Creation.

And it doesn’t end there.

Through the Clover app marketplace, I can customize my Clover devices to fit my needs.

From managing my payroll, to sales reporting, to marketing my loyalty program, the available apps streamline everything.

And just like my business, the Clover app marketplace is constantly growing and changing, providing me with everything that I need.

Clover has helped me reach my dream of running a successful flower shop.

And it can help any other retail store in the same way, providing the valuable support for anyone to reach their goals.

Clover has given me every opportunity to grow and blossom, no matter how big my dreams may be.


With Clover I have the freedom to build the business I love, knowing that I’ll always have a partner in Wells Fargo no matter how far I want to go.


Or learn more about Wells Fargo Merchant Services, and all-in-one payment acceptance and business management with Clover.