Ragnar Relay: Authorize.Net Customer Success Story

A business promoting popular sports events enjoys convenient and secure payment processing online.

Transcript: Ragnar Relay: Authorize.Net Customer Success Story

TANNER BELL: You know we offer relay races, but really what we strive to do is promote a culture and a lifestyle. We want runners — not just runners, but everyday people to sort of seek the extraordinary, to find something amazing in their everyday life. And our events really provide that for people.

My name is Tanner Bell. I am the president and co-founder of the Ragnar Relay Series. In 2004, we launched a small race in Utah called the Wasatch Back Relay, and it was just sort of a fun overnight running event — super small. Nobody even knew that we were running. We started with 262 participants, and today we’re 100,000 participants nationwide.

Authorize.net is something that, for us, it just works. It’s something that we don’t have to worry about. And I think that we think payment processing should just be easy and pain free. If it’s something that we worry about, then it’s not working.

DAVID KUNZ: As the director of finance, one of the most important features that I like about Authorize.net is the daily email. Working in the event industry, it’s very important to manage your cash flow. There’s highs and lows with different registration periods. And so, what helps me a lot is the email from Authorize.net, which is with the daily batch summary. It tells me all the incoming revenue along with any kind of potential refunds and just showing me a net balance for that day’s activity.

TANNER: We didn’t want to worry about payment processing. We just wanted a solution that worked and that was pain free. We do trust Authorize.net.

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