Clover® — A recipe for success for restaurants

Using Clover devices for restaurants not only lets you accept payments from guests quickly, but also gives you access to tools to build menus, track sales, inventory, and more.

Transcript: Clover — A recipe for success for restaurants


Hi! I’m Yvonne.

And creating amazing food has always been my passion.

Opening my own pizzeria and bistro was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

It took a lot of work to get here.

And I realized I needed systems that would help me continue to grow my business.

Through Wells Fargo, I get exactly that with Clover.

From when I first started out with a single device selling slices at food festivals until now in a full-service restaurant where I take advantage of many devices, Clover has always allowed me to better manage and serve my guests.

Setup is pretty easy, with everything ready to go right out of the box.

And a team of Clover experts is always there if I need them.

Once set up, I can manage my staff’s permissions with ease.

So we can get cooking.

Clover’s dining app allows me to adjust the table layout to match my restaurant.

We can quickly seat guests, enter orders right at the table, and send them directly to the kitchen.

Nice choices.

We can even quickly handle to-go orders for our guests on the move.

Or accept orders directly in the kitchen from our customers’ mobile devices.

Clover allows me to accept orders in ways I never thought possible.

Clover truly meets the needs of any style of restaurant and can help serve any type of guests, whether they’re on the go, staying home for the night, or dining in.

With Clover it’s also never been easier to split checks.

And accepting payment right at the table is a cinch.

Clover also helps us stay connected to our guests.

By offering receipts electronically or by text, we can grow our customer database and better manage our marketing and customer loyalty program.

And, boy, can it get busy here.

With the variety of devices Clover offers, line busting is a breeze.

Two large meatball meteors, one medium Hawaiian 5-O, and a plate of three-cheese Genovese.

Creating menus is also a snap.

And since I’m always connected, I can change them from anywhere just as quickly as I can come up with new ideas.


Zucchini, bell pepper, spinach, pesto — the Evergreen.

Clover streamlines everything, making it easy to review all that goes on in my restaurant, so I can always be on top of my business.


I knew the Pepperoni Explosion was my best selling pie, but I still make more revenue with the Clambake on Crust.

Clover gives me info I’ve never had before.

And it doesn’t end there.

With the ever-growing Clover app marketplace, I can customize my Clover devices to fit exactly what I need.

There are apps that maintain my schedules and payroll, manage reservations and wait lists, monitor tips, track sales, and assist in reporting taxes.

There are even apps that help me get to know my customers better and even read diners’ reviews.

Clover covers it all.

And since the app marketplace is constantly growing and changing just as my restaurant is, I know Wells Fargo and Clover will always be there to help for whatever comes next.

Clover saves both time and money, which gives me the freedom to focus on what I really love.

With Wells Fargo and Clover, I can keep growing, knowing I’ll always have a partner no matter how many pies I dish out.


Or learn more about Wells Fargo Merchant Services, and all-in-one payment acceptance and business management with Clover.