The Tasteful Garden: Authorize.Net Customer Success Story

An organic plant business moves from time-consuming phone orders to faster, safer, and more secure online ordering.

Transcript: The Tasteful Garden: Authorize.Net Customer Success Story

CINDY MARTIN: For us, it’s really all about the flavor. We don’t care what it looks like. We don’t care if it’s purple or green or polka-dotted; if it tastes better, it’s worth growing. I am Cindy Martin. I am the founder of The Tasteful Garden.

GEORGE MARTIN: The Tasteful Garden grows and sells organic plants for backyard gardeners. Back in 1995–96, when Cindy was selling our plants at farmers markets, I suggested that she sell some plants online.

CINDY: And I thought “On the internet? Who’s doing that?” He said “Just try it. See if it works.”

GEORGE: And to our amazement, they started selling.

CINDY: Suddenly, one order comes in. And then suddenly, 500 orders come in.

GEORGE: Whoa! Can we really do this? And now, 20 years later, we ship out 700 or 800 boxes a week.

CINDY: From day one, has really been a partner to us. We feel protected by them, and we are also very supported. We use the Customer Information Manager, and it has really helped our customers so much.

GEORGE: Our customers tend to order online more instead of making a phone call. A phone call takes 20 minutes for customer service to take the order.

CINDY: We wait on the phone while they run upstairs to get their credit card. “I can’t read that number.” “That’s too small.” And we tried to convince people that it was actually less safe to give us their credit card number than to order online.

GEORGE: With, they order safe and secure, and the order goes straight through.

CINDY: It’s just worked great for us. They make people trust that it’s okay to order on the internet.

GEORGE: With, it just works.

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